Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ashtavinyak Devasthan ( Ganeshpuri)

Hi All my dear Friends Welcome to My blog, as a latest update my recent visit to Ganeshpuri (Famous for Nityanand Swami Ashram) near Vajreshwari, Vasai I found one more Hidden Place just in side the Ganeshpuri as I found very few people Know about this Temple on top of hill near Ashram.

So Let Go there with me....

While Going towards Ganeshpuri Ashram There is one sign of Forest Dept. on left side and one Hill Road stars Just start climbing on that you will discover this Amazing Place.
A Nice Way towards Temple 

Very Narrow  Way Going towards Temple
Generally when we hear about Ashtavinayak we found them together but hear its come one by one on a path while climbing on the peak of this small hill.
Way towards All 8 Ganesha Temples
The First temple at starting point

Shri Vakratundaya

A Beautyfull Black Stone Murti.
One By One Another Six Ganesha Come in your Way

Shri Ekdantaya namha

Shri Mahodaraya Namah

Shri Gajananaya namah

Shri Lambodaraya Namha

Shri Vikataya Namah

Shri Vighnarajay Namah

On the top Eighth Temple is there.

Mushak Raj
A beauty full  Murti of ganesha.

While Looking Down All Seven Ganesha along with Amazing view & we can also see the Shikar of Nityanand Temple
On the top Side of hill there is Two more Temples are Situated one is Muthapan Mathapura and another is shri Datta mandir.

Mathapan Mathapura

By Walking Ahead You will found a Small Temple of Dattatray.

Shri Datta Guru

Apart from this This place is very ideal for one day picnic, you can come with your family and enjoy beauty of nature within city limits. basic amenities like water and toilets are available at top side as per my suggestion just carry your food with you, a nice view of mountainous and surroundings can be enjoyed by you, children can also play & enjoy.
Over all its a Nice weekend Spot to Enjoy with Family.

Enjoy Some Hill top View.

Thanks for Spending your Time with Me.

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  1. Thank you for these beautiful photos. A well found site !! Many people think there is no Ganesh Temple in Ganeshpuri. Its hidden out of sight. Only those can find it who have a pure heart. But its not a place for picnics - its a puja place......