Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tungareshwar Temple During Monsoon (Shrawan)

Tungareshwar is at an altitude of about 2177 feet, one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai. For most trekkers the starting point is the highway junction, which is about a kilometer from the base. At the base there is a forest check post and Bapa Sitaram's temple. From this point onward starts the actual trek of Tungareshwar. After about a 3 km hike and walking through two streams, you reach the Lord Shiva temple. his place is frequented by pilgrims and at times can be crowded so it is preferable to avoid weekends. For many picnickers this is the destination for enjoyment. A visit to the temple and a swim in the overflowing water pond is all they want out of this outing.

After Reaching to Temple another way going toward Ashram of Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj. When during childhood Sadanand Baba had gone on Parshuram kund the area was densely populated with trees so long that the sunrays would not touch the earth. There was no proper way to go as the way was very confusing with lot of wild animals in the forest. To find a proper way at that time was next to impossible. Only the local tribal people staying in the forest would know that way and the place where Baba resided. The way from Tungareshwar temple to Baba's residence was very narrow and could not be easily traced. It was very hard to find Baba's residence. Instead of reaching to Baba's residence people would reach somewhere else only.So to get the people to the required destination , Shri Pandurang Hari Patil (painter) of Juchandra village and Baba's uncle shri Ramchandra Harishchandra Patil painted small boards on which "Way to Baba's Ashram" was written and they pinned such boards all along the way. Parshuram Kund which is at the topmost peak of Tungareshwar mountain is a very holy place and is like a pilgrimage. Every body who goes over here gets whatever he desires according to his devbotion towards Baba.

Base site

walk away path to hill side

stream in way

people enjoying in water fall

way to main temple

local stall for travelers

Local man selling prasad

Main Temple of lord Shiva

Renovation done during Maha Shivratri

Way towards Khodiyar & Jagmata Mandir

Inside Painting work


stairs to Khodiyar Mandir

Aai Shri Khodiyar Maa

Stairs to Jagmata Mandir

Inside view of Jagmata Mandir

Shri Jagmata Devi

Shikhar Jagmata Mandir

Children Play garden near Jagmata Mandir

Bhairav Mandir Back side Shiva Mandir

Shri Hanuman Ji

Shri Ganesh ji

View of Shiva Linga from Nandi Horn 

Glass work in side Main Hall Gabhara of Shiva Linga

Deep Stambha illumination 

Night view of  Temple & Deep Stambha

Holi Shiva Linga of Tungareshwar

Amazing view of shiva Linga & Roof 

Tungareshwar Temple during Moon Light
Hope you enjoy this awesome photos and may god Shiva Bless you all.

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