Sunday, 20 November 2016

Vaijnath Mahadev Temple Jitodia, Anand

Vaijnath Mahadev Temple, Jitodia, Anand, Gujarat.

We visited Ancient Temple of Shri Vaijnath Mahadev at place called Jitodia near Anand Gujarat, during our road trip to Gujarat in month of Oct.2016. We come to know about this temple from some local people for it's divine uniqueness.

This is very unique Temple because this is one an only temple in the world where water is coming out from Shiv Linga itself. I know it's hard to believe, my reaction is also same. but to clear our doubt we need to visit there first.

when we reach there we saw a very simple old type structure with very quit & peaceful surrounding.

Entrance of the Temple

Inside the main area there are few small temples of Hanumanji, Mataji, Sai Baba Etc. & also main Temple of Vaijnath Mahadev.

Hanumanji Temple

Vaijnath Mahadev Temple

After taking Darshan we meet Pujari of this Temple and we came to know that this temple is here from 11th century (more then 900 years old) & there was a story behind it. Now we are very excited to know more about it, so we requested him to tell us in brief.

He explained : as per legends its believed that originally this Linga was created by Bhima ( Pandava) during there agnatvas, to do worship of  Lord Shiva, as years passes this Linga became underground due to weather conditions. This area is also know as Hidimba Van (Hidimba (a.k.a. Bhutandevi) is the wife of the Pandava Bhima and mother of Ghatotkacha). so now this area was used by local people to grazing there animals, one day a cowboy saw that one of her cow is releasing her entire milk on one particular place, now this thing happens every day. Cowboy was shocked, so he informed about this Miracle to King of that area Sri Shindharaj ji, he send his persons to identify this event, there was a small hill type part on ground where cow is releasing her milk, so they decided to excavate that place. during excavation they found that their iron rods are banging with some structure, so they stop and found this Shiv Linga & inform the King about it. King Shindharaj ji decided to remove that Linga from Forest area and install at his place, so he ordered to remove it. even after so much efforts they are unable to find the end of Linga. so they again inform the king. that night god came in to king's dream and gave him order to keep Linga where it is & construct a temple over there only. if you see the Linga you can find so many holes on it, from where the water is coming out.( may be it's done by iron rods, used during excavation)

Top view of Shiv Linga
This water is coming out from so many years, no one knows from where this water is coming, local people called this water 'Gangajal' and believe that it has divine power of healing, and take it as a Prasadam. few year back District collector send his experts to check this water, after doing water testing in lab they found some unusual things that this water has same quality as good as Ganga river's water, and even different then available in local area. it's unbelievable....
Inside view of Main Shiv Linga
During Mughal era they tried to destruct this temple so many time, but due to sacrifice of Pujaris and devotees this temple is safe till the date. you can find more the 100 Samadhis beside the temple which reminds us the bravery & devotion of the people of that time.
Samadhis of Shiva Devotees 
One thing we specially want to mention that we don't promote any superstition, but what we saw it's truly unbelievable.

How to Reach :
Its just about 10-15 Kms. from Anand city, it took around half an hour to reach there. you can visit by private transport or take Auto too. we have put G-maps location link at the end of this post.

Timings :
From morning to Evening this temple is open for all. but if you want to do abhishek or touch the Linga itself you must visit before 12:00 PM. During Shravan Month there are so many devotees coming here, and from all over India more then 100 bramhins come here & stay for 40 days and do Havans & pooja of Lord Shiva.

If you want more Information about this place you may call Mr. Bhishma Goswami on +91 88660 98088.

Hope you like it.