The Lost Mumbai (Bombay)

On 18 January 1665, King Charles granted Humphrey Cooke the possession of Bombay. However, SalsetteMazagaonParelWorliSionDharavi, and Wadala still remained under Portuguese possession. Later, Cooke managed to acquire Mahim, Sion, Dharavi, and Wadala for the English. Sir Gervase Lucas, who was appointed Governor of Bombay on 5 November 1666, reported that Bombay included all the islands except Colaba and Old Woman's Island. On 21 September 1668, the Royal Charter of 27 March 1668, led to the transfer of Bombay from Charles II to the British East India Company for an annual rent of £10. Sir George Oxenden became the first Governor of Bombay under the regime of the British East India Company. Gerald Aungier, who became Governor of Bombay on July 1669, established the mint and printing press in Bombay and developed the islands into a centre of commerce. He also offered various business incentives, which attracted various communities like GujuratisParsisDawoodi Bohras, and Jews. On 20 February 1673, Rickloffe van Goen, the Governor-General of Dutch India attacked Bombay, but the attack was resisted by Aungier. The Treaty of Westminster (1674), concluded between England and Holland, relieved the British settlements in Bombay of further apprehension from the Dutch

The first cotton mill in Bombay, the Bombay Spinning and Weaving Company was established on 7 July 1854. The foundation of the University of Bombay in 1857 made it the first modern institution of higher education in India, along with the University of Calcutta. The Great Indian Peninsular Railway and the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway (BB&CI) were started in 1860. The outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 increased the demand for cotton in the West, and led to an enormous increase in cotton-trade. In 1866, the British Government established the Bombay Coast and River Steam Navigation Company for the maintenance of steam ferries between Bombay and nearby islands; while the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 completely revolutionized the marine trade of Bombay. In 1870 the docks were consolidated under the Bombay Port Trust, and the Bombay Municipal Corporation was established in 1872, providing a modern framework of governance for the rapidly-growing city. Tramway communication was also instituted in 1872. Public gardens such as the Victoria Gardens and Northbrook Gardens were opened in 1873 and 1874 respectively. Violent Parsi-Muslim riots again broke out in February 1874, which were caused by an attack upon Prophet Muhammad published by a Parsi resident. The Bombay Gymkhana was formed in 1875 and soon organizations such as Bombay Quadrangular followed. Bombay became one of the few cities in the world to include a largenational park within its limits, and the Bombay Natural History Society was founded in 1883. The Princess Dock was built in the year 1885 as part of a scheme for improving the whole foreshore of the Bombay harbour.

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Bombay Map by British East India Company 
Islands of Bombay and Salsette, with the Surrounding Countryside 1803

Government House, Fort, Bombay 1826
Bombay on the Malabar Coast belonging to the East India Company 1754
Town Hall, Bombay 1827

Bombay Native (J.J.) Hospital 1843
View of Bombay Green 1813
View of Colaba 1820
View of Mazagon 1826
View of Bombay, from Malabar Hills 1813
View of Bombay Harbour, taken from the Island of Colaba 1833
View of Bombay Green from the Town Hall, 1833

North-west view of the fort of Bombay 1826
Apollo Gate, Bombay. 1833
Colaba in the distance. March 1870

Colaba Reclemation 1870

Colaba Station yard 1870
View of Bombay Harbour. January 1870

At Walkeshwar Road

Some Currency During British Govt By Bank of Bombay 

Rupees 10 Currency by British Govt By Bank of Bombay

Rupees 10 Currency by British Govt By Bank of Bombay

Rupees 15 Currency by British Govt By Bank of Bombay

The Most amazing Railway Station in the world 
Victoria Terminus 

Contemporary Photo of Victoria Station, Bombay 1900

Arial view of Victoria Station and BMC , Bombay 1900

Bombay Municipal Building  1900

Bombay Municipal Building  1900

Victoria-Terminus-Railway-Station and Horse driven Trams & Cart on road 1900


People group at Victoria-Terminus-Railway-Station

The Flora Fountain

The flora Fountain 1875

flora fountain Bombay 1875

flora fountain Bombay 1870
Flora Fountain Circle 1875
The New Mint ( Town Hall )

The Town Hall, Bombay 1860

The Town Hall, Bombay 1855

Town Hall, Fort, Bombay 1855

Town Hall, Fort, Bombay 1900
 The Elphinstone Circle, (Fort Circle )
Elphinstone Circle and New Mint in background - Bombay -1875

Elphinstone Circle, Bombay 1827
Elphinstone Circle panorama 1850

Elphinstone Circle, Bombay 1860

Elphinstone Circle Gardens - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Elphinstone Circle, Bombay 1870

Elphinstone Circle and flora fountain  Bombay 1870
The Fort Street 
Part of the Fort, Bombay in 1864

Part of the Fort, Bombay in 1864

Street in Bombay Fort 1860

Street scene in the Fort area, Bombay 1870 

old car on Street at Fort Area 

Church gate street in Bombay Fort 1860

Church gate street in Bombay Fort 

Mode of transport in 1800
Bombay, from Malabar Hill 1855

Girgaum Cemetery, Bombay 1855

Hindu burning place, near Malabar Hill 1865

Malabar Point and Back Bay, Bombay 1855

Malabar Point, Bombay 1860

Malabar hill bombay 1870

Wilson Collage Cowpati bombay 1875

View of Bombay From Malabar hill 1853

Walkeshwar Temple , Bombay. 1855

Walkeshwar, Malabar Point, Bombay 1860
Walkeshwar Tank (Ban Ganga ) Bombay 1870

The Elephanta Caves, Bombay. 1855 to 1895

Some Old Buildings Of Bombay Constructed During British Period

Afghan Memorial Church - Colaba Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Inside view of Afghan Memorial Church, Colaba Bombay 1873

Bai Motlibai Wadia Obstetric Hospital 1875

Bombay Public Buildings 1875

Bombay University buildings 1877

Convocation Hall of the University, Bombay 1874
Bombay (Mumbai) - Crawford Market - 19th Century Photograph

Bombay Crawford Market 1900

Eastern Telegraph Office Bombay1880
Girgaum Church - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Elphinstone College, Bombay 1871

Government House, Parel 1860

Ice House & Great Western Hotel 1900

Grand Medical College and Jamsetjee Hospital, Bombay. 1855

Mahalaxmi Bombay 1851

Mahalaxmi Temple back side view - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Monkey Temple, Bombay,an albumen print, 1870

monkey-temple-Colored 1910

Monument of the late Marquis of Cornwallis,  1857

Opthalmic Hospital, Bombay 1875

Post Office Bombay 1870 
Bombay GPO 1925

Prince of Wales Museum Bombay 1910

Public Works Office Bombay 1870

Queen Victoria Statue, Bombay 1870

BB & CI Railway Administration Building 1896

Bombay High Court 1870

Sir Dinshaw Manackjee Petit Hospital 1870

St George's Hospital, Bombay 1890
Elphinstone Circle Garden gate and St. Thomas Church in Back Ground.1900 

Inside St. thomas Church  1865

Cars out side Taj Mahal Hotel 1930

Taj Mahal Hotel 1908

Taj Mahal Hotel 1900

The Bombay Yacht Club, February 1891

Brabourne stadium 1950

Watson's Hotel Bombay  1900
Bombay Byculla Hotel 1900 now khada parsi

Bombay Byculla Hotel 1925 now khada parsi

Bycullah Hotel &  Khada Parsee Kursutji Maneckji 1925
Byculla Church, Bombay 1855

Byculla Church - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Byculla Club, Bombay 1860

Museum & Byculla - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Entrance to Victoria Gardens, Byculla -  Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Prince Consort Statue, Byculla Museum - Bombay (Mumbai) - 19th Century Photograph

Temple, near the Railway Station at Byculla Bombay 1850
Temple near Railway Bridge, Byculla Bombay 1863
Bombay Harbour Docks 1870

Bombay Harbour from Apollo Bunder 1855

British naval flag carries King George V and Mary of Teck 1911

ship 'Bombay' & s.s. 'Mauritius' 1865
Back Bay in 1861

Bombay Back Bay 1870

Enjoy Some Street view of The Lost Bombay 

Bhendy Bazaar Road, Bombay 1870
Girgaum Road 1885

moharam in bombay 1880

Carnac Road Bombay 1881

Dhobi ghat near Mahalaxmi 1903

east across the intersection of Chowringee and today's Lenin street 1935

Old Hanuman Street 1925

jama masjid photo 1925

marine drive  1948
marine drive  1949

Null Bazar Native Street - Bombay 1925

old mumba devistreet  1880

Pydownie Mohammad-Ali--Road 1925

statue honoring the Prince of Wales, in an albumen photo, 1890

Some Street of bombay 1900

Tram on Bombay road 1935
Scotch Church, Court-House, and entrance to the Dock-Yard 1850
Victoria Dock (Now Bombay Port trust) construction, Bombay 1885
North wall north jetty, looking eastward Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1885

excavation from north-east corner, looking south-west Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1883

North and cross sections of main dam as seen from Musjid subsidiary dam 1886

the Construction of Victoria Dock. 1875

Reclamation, Mody Bay, No. 1 jetty from north 1886

View of south wall looking eastward from 1887

Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1886

Truck and engine with bottom girder 1883

North end, main dam Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1885

South end, main dam Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1885

View of sea-gates from inside of dock looking eastward 1883

Persons engaged making dock Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1885
North Jetty Shed in course of construction from the eastward Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1888

80-feet entrance looking west. Works complete Victoria Dock construction, Bombay 1888

Ceremony of admitting water to Victoria Dock by Lady Reay 1890

The Times of India Bombay 1898

The Times of India Logo 1892

Times of India Building opposite St Thomas's Cathedral 1892

Times of India Building, corner of Elphinstone Circle  1880
Establishment of Times of India January 1898 
Compositors and clerks of the 'Times of India' - 1890
Machinemen, pressmen and sepoys of theTimes of India 1892
General office Times of IndiaNovember 1898
Reading room Times of India November 1898.

General Manager's room Times of India November 1898.

Editor's roomTimes of India November 1898.

Machine room No. 1 'Times of India - November 1898

Machine room No. 2  Times of India- November 1898

Press roomTimes of India November 1898.

Stereo and type casting room Times of India November 1898.
Meet some Peoples of Old and Classic Bombay 

 Bombay India Mohammedan Merchant Selling Wares in Street  1942

Bombay policeman, India 1900

box worker 1900

coolis (Porter)



goldsmith's shop, Bombay 1873

Grain sellers shop 1873

group of shoemakers 1873

Hamal ( Now Pati Wala's)

Indian Musicians 1900

Indian theatrical group, Bombay 1870


Market stall, India,1870

Pandit at bombay 1910
Bullock-drawn roller, Bombay 1870


the Bombay Rugby Team plays a league match in 1926

vegetable seller bombay1900

Some Famous Faces of Bombay 
Jagannath_Shanker seth

Khan Bahadur Dustorjee Nosherwanjee 1871

Khan Bahadur Padanjee Pestonjee 1860

Mr Shivel (Brahmin of Bombay) 1870

Sir Cowasjee Jehangir K.C.S.I. of Bombay. 1870

Bankoty group, Bombay 1870

Bombay party relax in style in 1910
Group of Maratha 1875

Group of Parsee pupils and masters in class of the Elphinstone High School, Bombay 1875

Group of pupils of the Bhagwandas Purshottum Girls' School, Bombay 1873

Henry Staveley Lawrence, acting governor of Bombay from 1926


Persian group, Bombay 1867

Portrait group, Bombay 1870

portrait of Gosavis, Bombay 1867

portrait of Parbhu group, Bombay 1867

portrait of Sonar group, Bombay 1857

portrait of three Parsees and a Parbhu, Bombay 1870

portrait of three Shenoy Bhatias, Bombay 1867

pupils of the Alexandra Native Girls' Institution 1873

pupils of the Government Normal School, Bombay

Sir (Rustomjee Cowasjee Cursetjee) Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy with family in  very  first cars  in  bombay 

Studio portrait of two Rajputs, Bombay 1867

portrait of a group of Parsee ladies 1853

Old Map Of Mumbai 
         Map of Mumbai 1893                                                                                        Map of Mumbai 1909

 Bombay map on1879

Rajabai tower & Mumbai University 

Mahim Fort 

Mumbai Mosoon

Gateway of India in colour

Gateway of India

Tram In Mumbai 

Streets of Mumbai 

Arrival of Public Transport In Bombay 

First Bus From BEST

Metro Cinema in circle 

First 2 deck Bus From BEST

Some Transport Mode of Bombay 

Heritage Collection Indian Railway & Western Railway
 (Old name BB&CI)
Bombay Baroda & Central India Railway

Victoria Terminus  

Very First Trains Driven By Bullocks -1863

Churchgate Station

Churchgate Station

Churchgate Station Backside

Train Reaching at Churchgate Station from Colaba

In side View of Churchgate Station
New Train From Churchgate Station 1957

Marin Lines Station

Mahalaxmi Station 

Outside Station Mumbai Central

Inside View of Mumbai Central Station
North End of Mumbai Central Station
Dadar Station

Bandra Station

Steam Engine

Inside Churchgate Station

1908 BBCIR suburban Time Table

Frontier-Mail BB & CI

Topping off  Coach  with ice in AC Train 1900

Old AC Coach Cooled by ICE 

Construction of Vasai Bridge

Construction of Vasai Bridge

Frontier Mail on Vasai Bridge

Local Train on Vasai Bridge

Flying Ranee on Vasai Bridge

360HP DE class Diesel Electric locomotive No. 800

BB&CI Steam Engine

local train to Churchgate

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